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protect your information, protect your business

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Protection of information is vital these days.

A young but smart company, ASCI has developed a worldwide presence that allows us to offer you best solutions and services adapted for your needs for both public and private organizations.

Gain advantage and protect yourself better with us!

Products and solutions

Company information and communications can be targeted by hackers, competitors, foreign Governments and even terrorists. Protect them and make sure your data is secured, so your business will be safe.

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Support and services

Our company provides services and support for the protection of your business in various areas.

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About ASCI

ASCI was founded in 2014 in Rosu, near Bucharest, with a strong wish to offer a better way in applying security to information and business. We are a group of security experts with almost 2 decades of experience and a rich background in fighting cybercrime and protecting the information inside the organizations. Since then, ASCI […]

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